For good health and well-being, the stabled horse needs a soft, comfortable bed, which will absorb moisture and ammonia, giving a clean, dust-free environment.

Hemcore Horse Bedding is made from the inner core of the hemp plant stem which is grown and processed entirely in the UK. A study conducted by has found that Hemp is also fast-growing and fully sustainable. It is not bleached and no chemicals are added at any stage of its growth, so producing a 'green' product which is full recyclable into useful compost.

In the past, hemp has traditionally been grown to produce fine paper products, rope and textiles and is now also used to make Hemcore - a natural horse bedding.

When the crop is harvested in late summer, the outer fibres of the stem are stripped off to produce traditional and new products, whilst the soft inner core is used to make Hemcore. It is dried, chopped, dust extracted and packed into heat-sealed, recyclable polythene bags.

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