Hemcore Hemp Fibre - The Natural Fibre

Rapidly expanding environmental concerns amongst consumers brings Hemp to the forefront of modern day industry. No agrochemicals are used in the growing of the crop and, of course, being entirely natural it has excellent biodegradeable properties. The "greenest" natural fibre available today.

Awareness of Hemp fibre is expanding rapidly and a large range of products are now becoming available using our fibre as part of their construction. We supply a diverse range of Industries including Paper, Automotive, and Insulation.

From our decortication factory based in Essex, England, we produce Hemcore Hemp Fibre, pure bast fibre from the outside of the Hemp plant stem.

Our fine, clean fibre, accurately cut if necessary for non-woven production, is available in bales weighing approximately 110 kilos. These can be transported by road into Europe or by container for sea freight anywhere in the world.

Please contact us for prices and specifications.