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bedding for stables

If the stable is clean and empty, put down sufficient Hemcore to provide the depth of bed you require (8 - 10 bales for a 12'x12' stable) and spread evenly over the floor, banking up sides if required.
Once all the bedding is down, sprinkle 5 litres (1 gallon) of water for every bale used. Leave to settle to allow the water time to activate the bed (at least a few hours).
If a stable has an existing bed of shavings or chopped straw (or similar) there is no need to remove this completely before starting a Hemcore bed. Just muck out as normal, but gradually move existing bed towards the centre and add Hemcore round the sides over a period of time. (There is no need to add water using this method).
From then on, disturb the bed as little as possible, removing droppings regularly and wet patches occasionally. Top up as required. (There is no need to add further water after the initial watering).
Because less Hemcore is used, there will be less bedding removed from the stable, making a smaller muck heap which will rot down more quickly than shavings. It then makes a useful compost or mulch for the garden.
Hemcore is unpalatable to virtually all horses, but if the bedding is seen to be eaten, sprinkle it with a weak solution of a safe disinfectant to discourage the habit and when adding new bedding mix it in with the old. As with other bedding materials, persistent bed eating can cause colic, gastro-intestinal disorders or an allergic reaction. In these cases please consult a vet.